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May 2006
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Holly [userpic]
Voice vs Heart

Not really nutty, but I found this via Diana Peterfreund's blog. It's an article by Julie Elizabeth Leto called, "Ditching the Book of My Heart for the Book of My Voice.

I haven't finished reading it, but I wanted to save it (since I am ever fascinated and baffled by the subject of voice) and this seemed like a good spot. Maybe we'll want to discuss it later.

Or maybe not. There's that whole ~~Sometimes you feel like a nut~~ thing.


now thete is an interesting premise. Yes, I would indeed LOVE to discuss this. Voice is another of those topics I suggest to Ann but have not gotten to see 'utilized' as yet.

Thanks for sharing, co-nut


I've read this through twice and I'm still not sure I've got a grasp on what she's saying. =(

Yet I'm positive there's something worthwhile in there someplace.