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May 2006
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eldheni [userpic]
Looking for nuts in all the wrong places...

I am in a 'nutty' mood. Very much in need of fellow nuts...but as my universe seems to rotate in opposition to the normal nuttiverse I am flying (or is that falling?) solo.

Today I discussed weasely issues with other writers...in what should therefore be a semi-weasel-free zone. After all there are potential weasels in many domains and writers are often our own worst weasels. This being the only truly weasel free zone I know :)

I genuinely expected no major flashes of 'brilliance' this afternoon. It was more a sounding-board venture. After all, others vent and ellucidate upon their ideas, plots and (eeek) themes...and in general you receive several rather well-meaning but pointless pats and encouragment to 'keep on keeping on' and 'you're doing fine' AND a small amount of actual thoughtful feedback. Hmmm...remind me not to go looking for fantasy nuttiness among the non-fantasied.

I KNOW that the powers-that-be (specifically dear Ann) SAY that you can receive equally good help from those who do not read your genre but I respectfully beg to differ. They need not WRITE your genre but it darn well helps if they at least have a passing knowledge about it.

To wit: I was told I needed to "highlight" my main theme (not that I am even certain what it IS...but they were specifically talking about the correlation between Aerlinn's journey and what is happening in his world. I guess that is a theme? but how the heck does one just randomly "highlight" such a thing? Does the unfolding of the story itself not serve that purpose?

On the topic of portals they informed me it did not matter what the agents/editors 'wanted'...I should just write whatever 'made me happy' and surely that would be good enough. Uh huh. And that, after all, publication was not really anything you needed to address in your writing. If your story was 'good enough' it would make it regardless. Hmmmm... I sure haven't noticed it working that way. Still... I suppose it would be a lot less stressful that way.

There were a few other 'details' (superhero syndrome, worlds and the limitations of story telling, and my enigmatic 'stones') I would have loved feedback on and even though'audience' had time to discuss their writing and kept asking me to discuss mine it was abundantly clear they were not up to such discussion and instead wandered off to less-taxing...and probably less weasel-y...topics like real life, jobs, and weekend plans. yippee.

At this point...I think I miss my weasel. At least he listened!

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