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May 2006
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Holly [userpic]
Voice and Heart 2

Last night was the first meeting of the posse. :D And while our purpose remains to be a place where writers can act like nuts, it goes without saying that we also act like writers. (Whatever writers act like!) In that vein we discussed this (previously linked but here it is again anyhow) article:

Ditching the Book of My Heart for the Book of My Voice" by Julie Leto.

I've read a gadillion articles on the subject of voice without ever figuring out precisely what it is, and while I'm still not sure, I at least now have a theory to go on, and that makes this article the best so far. I now believe Voice = The Author's Share of Liver.

According to Leto, voice is composed of things like description, characters, style and structure, plot, premise and theme, but more importantly it's the way an author best employs these elements in the creation of a story. If I understood correctly, voice is not craft, and arrives when an author develops enough self confidence to stop struggling every minute with matters of craft--in other words, when s/he gets to that point where s/he can wrestle the inner weasel into submission long enough to let the voice through.

It still seems like the author's share of liver isn't much if any more within our control than the readers share is. I guess that only leaves us with craft to control.

(I'm not too fond of the term craft. It sounds too much like either witchery or stitchery.)

What I got out of the session was one less thing to worry about. And that's always a good thing IMO.

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Adding to our bag of nuts...

It was a fun get together.

Glad you have one less thing to worry about.
Seems like all I do this year is worry and stare at blank (or so hideous they would be better off blank) pages.
I don't even know if I HAVE a voice. And if I never get out of chapter one I am never going to find out either...sigh.

If you can't have a voice while you are learning your "craft" (I don't like that word) then I may never have one :( Cause at this rate I will be 140 before I get just this one book written.

Not even in a bad mood. Just being realistic here.
And sometimes reality bites.

Re: Adding more to our bag of nuts...

I am fairly sure you of all people have lots of voice. At least, I think I would recognize your sound anywhere, and among the people we know for sure. I also think it has changed subtly from early on. Not sure I can put my finger on exactly how, though. (I'm thinking it has to do with better flow.)

I know what you mean about the 140, especially on days that already feel like 140 headed for 180. =( And then I start thinking, how stupid must I be, can't even tell a dang story right? I used to know how, or at least I thought I did, so what happened?

Not trying to project here, but for me financial worries can sap the creativity right out of me. Maybe because when money's tight, "It'd sure be nice to sell this and make a couple bucks just as recognition that my story (and I) are good enough," becomes, "Agh! I GOTTA (or SHOULD) sell this NOW!" and that's a killer, at least for me. If you add this one to the 140 one, it just gets overwhelming. (If that makes sense.)

(((hugs))) Sorry this is such a tough time for you. I feel blessed to have gotten to read the entire first story. Tell that elf I would really like to get to read the complete first story. I'd like the Ragu version, pleaseandthankyou Mr Elf, with all the ingredients in there. =)

Re: Adding more to our bag of nuts...

4WD Spazzmobile? What a concept!

Yeah, I bet you are right...the pressure of part time jobbing it, waiting to see if hubby let's us go belly-up before he even attempts a job change, and ALL the birthdays, graduations etc etc etc is wearing more than a little on my reserve of patience just now.

Instead of the 'joy' of just hoping someone would love Elf and give him a good home now it is the twisting gut-wrenching doubt of should I even put him out there first when I could probably "sell" something else sooner.
But I don't WANT TO...I want him to be the first. And not for money (although Lord KNOWS I will take the money!) but for the sheer love of this story. And can we HAVE both?

As I said...reality bites. LOL!

Hang in there fellow Nut.
We will get our stories to the other side...and maybe before we are even 100

Re: Adding more to our bag of nuts...

Just once when reality bites me, I'd like it to come down on one of those little hard gristles and have to go to dental ER!