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May 2006
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Holly [userpic]
Voice and Heart 2

Last night was the first meeting of the posse. :D And while our purpose remains to be a place where writers can act like nuts, it goes without saying that we also act like writers. (Whatever writers act like!) In that vein we discussed this (previously linked but here it is again anyhow) article:

Ditching the Book of My Heart for the Book of My Voice" by Julie Leto.

I've read a gadillion articles on the subject of voice without ever figuring out precisely what it is, and while I'm still not sure, I at least now have a theory to go on, and that makes this article the best so far. I now believe Voice = The Author's Share of Liver.

According to Leto, voice is composed of things like description, characters, style and structure, plot, premise and theme, but more importantly it's the way an author best employs these elements in the creation of a story. If I understood correctly, voice is not craft, and arrives when an author develops enough self confidence to stop struggling every minute with matters of craft--in other words, when s/he gets to that point where s/he can wrestle the inner weasel into submission long enough to let the voice through.

It still seems like the author's share of liver isn't much if any more within our control than the readers share is. I guess that only leaves us with craft to control.

(I'm not too fond of the term craft. It sounds too much like either witchery or stitchery.)

What I got out of the session was one less thing to worry about. And that's always a good thing IMO.

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Re: Adding more to our bag of nuts...

Just once when reality bites me, I'd like it to come down on one of those little hard gristles and have to go to dental ER!